Splinter Cell's Sam Fisher is heading to Rainbow Six Siege as an operator

Ubisoft is prepping another cross-over between its games, and this time it is Splinter Cell's Sam Fisher that's coming over to Rainbow Six Siege. Following a leak that revealed the trailer a little too early, Ubisoft has now officially put forth the teaser for fans to witness, seen above.

The popular operative is coming to the tactical shooter with a new look, appearing older and "little more frazzled than usual." He will be using the codename Zero in Siege, and although Sam is missing his iconic Multi-Vision goggles, his weapon sports lasers that project the triple-light design. Plus, his unique gadget, which is yet to be revealed, seems to be activated using a tablet, and interestingly, makes the high-pitched noise his goggles are known for when activated.

The full reveal of Sam "Zero" Fisher and the third Rainbow Six Siege operation of the year, Shadow Legacy, will happen on August 16 during the NA-Mini Major Finals tournament, which will be streamed on the game's Twitch channel. The operation will also bring a Skyscraper map rework, core gameplay changes, and more.

This is not the first time Sam Fisher has appeared in another Ubisoft franchise, as Ghost Recon Wildlands received him a couple of years ago to work together with the Ghosts for several missions. Maybe someday fans will finally get another Splinter Cell entry, but at least for now, it seems Ubisoft is only keen on using the franchise for cross-overs.

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