Steve Wozniak: Apple seeking 'next big direction'

Apple may be one of the biggest technology companies out there but lately it has taken a lot of criticism for products that seem to have stagnated while the competition is moving forward.

However we can’t expect a company to innovate and revolutionize entire fields every year, the way the iPhone did back in 2007, at least according to Steve Wozniak, one of Apple’s original co-founders.

Speaking at a forum in Mexico City, Wozniak said that Apple was still a “great company” adding “I think Apple is in one of these waiting periods waiting for the next big direction.”

Last year’s launch of iOS 6 and the iPhone 5 were met with disappointment from the technology community due to their lack of originality, lack of future facing features and stagnating OS. However many rumors suggest that Apple will launch a new type of device later this year, a wearable computer dubbed the iWatch. Recent trademark filings in Japan and other countries seem to corroborate these rumors. Wozniak himself hinted towards this wearable computer category when he said: 

I think, oh my gosh, I just wish I had the old iPhone right here on my wrist and I wish I could ask it questions like a new Siri or tell it to play certain music.

Is this wishful thinking on Woz’s part, being a geek and a tech enthusiast or is he privy to information from inside Apple as his co-founder status would suggest? We’ll find out in the following months.

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