Streamers get best of both worlds with Xbox Live support for PC Twitch streaming

Microsoft is making life easier for Twitch streamers who rely on capture cards to stream Xbox One games, by adding support for capture cards on Xbox Live.

Up until now if you wanted to stream an Xbox One game, you had a couple of choices: either rely on the Twitch app and benefit from Xbox Live integration, but make do with lower-quality graphics; or rely on a capture card and stream from your PC, but lose the Xbox Live features.

Now Microsoft is giving its users the best of both worlds, by working together with Twitch to support streaming from PCs via capture cards, like an Elgato, but also using Xbox Live features. All streamers need to do to take advantage of this is connect their Twitch account with Xbox Live.

If they do, once they start streaming, their gameplay will be “amplified” across Xbox Live, on their feed and on the game’s Store hub.

The update is rolling out right now across Xbox Live so you don’t need to do anything more to take advantage of this new capability.

Source: Major Nelson

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