Sun increases heat against MS, promotes OpenOffice via Java

Windows users who have an older version of Java SE Runtime Environment and have yet to install Update 3, which was released earlier this month, will be getting the usual "on the 26 of each month" update prompt from Sun. This month, the emphasis doesn't seem to be on Java, though. Sun has decided to promote its Microsoft Office alternative. Right below the words "A new version is ready to be installed!" is the advertisement: "To get a FREE copy of OpenOffice, the global standard in free Microsoft Office compatible productivity software, just click the More Information link below." Now, Java is a program that has been adopted as an Internet standard in its own playing field, and it is installed on the larger majority of computers that are online. Sun may not directly convert Microsoft users, but it may just get out there to all of those that are frustrated that their trial of Microsoft Office has expired. A little sly on Sun's part, but it might just prove to be a smart move.

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