Surviving Mars returns to development under a new studio, fresh content incoming

During the Paradox Insider showcase today, the publisher's city builder strategy title set on the Red Planet, Surviving Mars, received another life. While the game's development spun down back in 2019, Paradox Interactive has granted the game a new developer, with Abstraction Games taking over from Haemimont Games. New content is already planned also, with a new expansion and content updates incoming.

Abstraction has previously worked as a supporting and porting developer for high-profile games from Electronic Arts, Microsoft, Devolver Digital, and others. The Dutch studio has also helped with the upcoming Mass Effect: Legendary Edition.

First hitting the revived game - which has now surpassed 5 million players - will be a free update as well as a premium buildings pack on March 15. Regarding the former, dubbed the Tourism Update, this will bring in revamped tourism features such as:

  • Happy Holidays - Tourists will now rate their stay in your colony to determine their Holiday Experience Rating. That rating will determine what rewards, funds, and additional tourist applicants players will receive.
  • Movin On Up - Hotels can be built after completing the Smart Homes research to increase tourist comfort and raise satisfaction. Players can also build a Low-G Amusement Park that adds a boost to each tourists’ Satisfaction stat.
  • Rover Safaris - Set waypoints at places of interest and let tourists go sightseeing around your colony for increased satisfaction. Players can order an RC Safari from Earth, or build it on their own after completing the Rover Printing research project.
Surviving Mars screenshot

"Since the launch of Surviving Mars: Green Planet, our players have been asking what’s next for Surviving Mars. The Tourism Update is just the beginning," said Surviving Mars product manager Magnus Lysell from Paradox. "The game is in good hands with Abstraction, they’re a team of veteran developers with years of experience making AAA titles and are passionate about Surviving Mars."

Meanwhile, the premium content pack is a collaboration with the modder Silva. This In-Dome Buildings Content Creator Pack will bring in eight new buildings for expanding housing and community options for $4.99.

A full-fledged expansion is also in the works at the new studio. While details regarding this venture were not announced today, it will be coming sometime later this year to all platforms where Surviving Mars is currently available: PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. Moreover, anyone who has yet to try out the game on PC has the opportunity to grab a free copy from the Epic Games Store until March 18.

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