TechSpot: The Best CPU for the Money - AMD vs. Intel Budget Shootout

Given how little has changed in the world of CPUs, you might expect buying a new processor to be fairly straightforward. For us, the choice seems clear: Intel has proven to offer superior core performance with considerably greater efficiency.

However, many enthusiasts argue that AMD offers better overclocking on its more affordable processors and therefore delivers a better bang for your buck. It's a valid point, as you can buy a quad-core AMD chip for little more than $100 and overclock the snot out of it while the cheapest overclockable quad-core Intel part costs well over $200 -- around 70% more.

We're putting the AMD FX-8320E against Intel's Core i3-4360 and the slightly more expensive Core i5-4430 to see which processor offers the best value for budget builders.

Read: The Best CPU for the Money - AMD vs. Intel Budget Shootout
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