The developer of Bloodborne teases something new with short trailer

There has been a lot of new game information coming out of The Game Awards tonight and one of the more shorter teasers to be released comes from developer FromSoftware.

If that name above doesn't sound familiar, the developer is responsible for games like Armored Core, King's Field, and more recently the Dark Souls series and Bloodborne. Now you can probably understand why a teaser trailer from the studio is being talked about. While it is great that we are getting a new game from the studio, the teaser trailer really doesn't show off much at all. The trailer is 29 seconds long and shows off a rope being taught around some kind of bone structure, with the words "Shadows Die Twice" closing out the trailer.

Perhaps you can look at the trailer and decipher a bit more, but the developer is sure keeping things sparse with its YouTube trailer description reading "Here is a tiny glimpse into our new project." They are certainly right, this is quite tiny, but nonetheless interesting.

Source: FromSoftware (YouTube)

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