The SwitchEcho is a Switch portable kickstand that does it all

Nintendo's Switch is quite a versatile console, but for all of the play styles it allows and the many quality games it's already received, it isn't without its shortcomings. One such flaw is the console's kickstand, the instability of which has led to a few companies releasing products that provide a better base for the console to stand on.

However, someone has taken this to a whole new level with a new Kickstarter campaign for SwitchEcho. The SwitchEcho is a kickstand for Nintendo's latest console, but on top of providing stability, it's also it's own battery pack of 8000mAh, which the campaign claims to offer double the play time of the Switch console alone. This is a very welcome addition, as a device like the Switch can run through its battery pretty fast depending on the game.

The device's USB Type-C port can also charge smartphones using the same port, or you can plug a USB Type-A cable into the side of the EchoSwitch to charge devices with different connectors.

But that's not all. The kickstand even includes its own speaker, connected through the console's 3.5mm headphone jack, which puts out sound that's three times louder than that of the console's built-in speakers. The extra volume should be especially useful for face-to-face games such as some of the mini-games in 1-2-Switch!, but it could also improve the experience in situations where a lot of people might be gathered around the console, making it harder to hear the game.

With 19 days left to go in the campaign, the project has already crossed its funding goal of $15,000, but you can still contribute if you'd like to get the accessory for $69 instead of the planned retail pricing of $79.99. There are other pledge tiers as well, allowing you to get 20 units with 40% off or a whopping 50 units at less than half the price of the planned retail price.

Source: Kickstarter via PC Authority

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