Total War: Warhammer games' combined grand campaign is now available

It has been a couple of weeks since Creative Assembly's strategy title, Total War: Warhammer II landed on PC, and today, the highly anticipated Mortal Empires campaign DLC has launched. This free DLC combines the original Total War: Warhammer's and the new sequel's campaigns into a single entity, the largest ever map created by the developer.

While the DLC itself is free, it is only available for players who own the original game and the new sequel, letting them tackle the forces of the Old World and the New World. Players will also have access to almost all the unique races available in both games, from Dwarfs, Skavens, Vampires, Lizardmen, and The Empire, to many others.

However, the map has been altered somewhat to allow all the factions to fit in together, so prepare to witness some new starting positions. It may be quite interesting to see how these factions will clash with each other in this new stage.

Meanwhile, Creative Assembly has also launched the Blood for the Blood God II DLC for Total War: Warhammer 2, trailer seen above. This DLC essentially adds blood and gore to the game, letting limbs and heads be dismembered, and adding plenty of other blood-based changes. Once purchased, the new effects can be enabled in the game's Advanced Graphics Settings menu.

However, note that anyone who has purchased the original Total War: Warhammer's own Blood for the Blood God DLC will receive the sequel's DLC pack free of charge.

Lastly, the original game currently has a 50% discount on Steam for anyone who is yet to embark on the Warhammer adventure. We may have to wait a while before the sequel gets any hefty discounts considering its popularity.

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