Twin Galaxies' 3rd Annual Video Game Festival

World Championships Planned for Consoles, Classics, Pinball and PC Gamers

The Mall of America - America's largest enclosed shopping mall - has scheduled the dates for the 3rd Annual Twin Galaxies Video Game Festival. Taking up the entire weekend of July 18-20, 2003, the event plans four major gaming world championships in addition to a classics arcade and a midway of console and PC games open to the public on free play.

With thousands of dollars promised in prizes for contest winners, Twin Galaxies has scheduled these four championships: the 3rd Annual Console Video Game World Championship, the 1st Annual Classic Video Game World Championship, the 1st Annual Mall Pinball World Championship and the 1st Annual PC Games World Championship.

Just like last year, thousnds of dollars in prize monies will be split among the finalists in each championship and the winners will be published in a forthcoming edition of Twin Galaxies' Official Video Game & Pinball Book of World Records.

Though sponsors and contest games are still be selecting for the 2003 event, you can learn more about this annual event by reading last year's news release:

News source: Twin Galaxies

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