Two Point Hospital DLC sends players to a new tropical island

Following the winter-themed Bigfoot DLC from December, the Theme Hospital spiritual successor Two Point Hospital is now slated to receive another DLC pack. This time, players will be heading off to Pebberley Island, a tropical isle that is rumored to have an immortality-granting spring.

To establish new hospitals on this new region, players will first have to deal with clearing out the "dense and sentient jungle" and then prepare to treat the 34 new illnesses that are also incoming with the DLC. Here are a couple of examples of these new humorous illnesses:

  • Wanderlust

Prolonged feelings of sameness have led to dull, tedious pain and a craving for adventure. The sufferer's tendency to search for relief in highly precarious, unimaginative, activities mean that they pose a great risk to themselves and others until they experience some kind of payoff.

  • Blank look

The sufferer's facial features have receded out of existence and must be coaxed back with subtle, hydraulic machinery. Unfortunately, common amongst people-pleasers, yes-men and crowd-enthusiasts.

Beyond that, there will be extreme weather events, new challenges, and also a new horde mode that will throw waves of sick tourists at players to cure.

Two Point Hospital: Pebberley Island DLC is slated to launch in two weeks on March 18 and is currently available for pre-order on Steam with a 10% discount, putting the price at $8.09.

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