Unreal Tournament 2004 hit by another onslaught

Get two free Epic-designed maps in the PC shooter's new bonus pack, premiering on GameSpot DLX.

There wasn't a shortage of Unreal Tournament 2004 maps in the retail release, but the nine onslaught maps--out of 100 total--are getting new company today. Two Epic-designed bonus onslaught maps are making their premiere on GameSpot DLX as a part of Microsoft's Windows XP Extras program.

The first, ONS-Ascendancy, takes the battle to the Tarydium crystal mines on the Second Moon of Kaldor Prime. But there's no time to check out the glowing blue crystal formations on this very large map, with fire coming from the Leviathan super tank and other vehicles stationed at the rocky map's half-dozen nodes. ONS-Aridoom is the smaller of the two maps, with rolling sandy terrain and age-old mesas jutting upward. A construction project at the center makes for plentiful defensive positions.

Download: UT2004 Onslaught maps

News source: GameSpot

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