First next-gen console game unveiled

Digital Extremes' Dark Sector will debut on the Xbox Next or the PlayStation 3--or both.

Today, Digital Extremes gave the public a taste of the future of gaming when it released the trailer for Dark Sector. According to the Ontario-based developer, the sci-fi action game will be released on "next-generation consoles." That makes it the first specific title released for a next-gen platform other than Death Jr., the PSP game-deck title shown at this year's Game Developers Conference.

While Digital Extremes representatives flaunted the fact that Dark Sector would be a next-generation game, they would not reveal whether or not the game would be released on Sony's PlayStation 3, Microsoft's Xbox Next, or both. They did stress that the scenes shown in the trailer are made up of in-engine graphics, not prerendered CG. The company also did not divulge the game's approximate release date.

News source: GameSpot

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