Verizon CEO does not care about T-Mobile and Sprint merger

According to the Seattle Times, the CEO of Verizon; Lowell McAdam's stated in a recent interview before a shareholder meeting "We frankly don’t care" and further adding “We don’t have a point of view on whether it goes through or it doesn’t.” regarding the recently announced merger between US telecom giants T-Mobile and Sprint. Verizon feels confident that the merger will require several years of integration between the two companies, allowing Verizon to focus on 5G networks and giving them an advantage over their competitors.

The newly formed company will simply be called T-Mobile dropping Sprints brand altogether. The merger which requires approval from anti-trust government regulators will give T-Mobile a valuation of over $146 billion. However it will still lag behind Verizon by 25 million customers; with Verizon having 151 million customers and the combined T-Mobile with 126 million.

Verizon and the second largest carrier in the United States: AT&T, have announced a limited launch of their respective 5G networks this year in several cities. While Verizon feels confident the merger will delay T-Mobile's 5G plans, T-Mobile announced in February 2018 that they would roll out 5G to 30 cities this year.

With the recent announcement of the world's largest telecom providers on 5G standards, and researchers in the UK demonstrating 1Tbps speeds with 5G; the race to 5G has begun.

Source: Yahoo News | Image: Yahoo News

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