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T-Mobile now offers a 5G backup home plan that you can use during internet outages

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T-Mobile has officially announced a new 5G Home Internet Backup plan, which aims to offer users 5G internet connectivity and keep them online during internet outages. The best part about this plan is that it is available to all customers, including current T-Mobile users and users who are using traditional ISPs such as Xfinity.

When an internet outage occurs, users can switch over to T-Mobile's 5G network to stay connected. According to the CivicScience study, quoted by T-Mobile, "nearly 20% of U.S. internet users said their internet goes out at least a few times a month."

The new T-Mobile 5G Home Internet Backup plan aims to offer backup internet data when such outages occur for people who rely very much on the internet. As per T-Mobile, the average household can stay connected for up to seven days using the provided internet data. However, heavy internet users may disagree.

Speaking of the new 5G Home Internet Backup plan, it costs $30/month (just $20 a month with AutoPay for eligible T-Mobile voice customers) and offers 130GB of 5G data. Depending on the settings of your Wi-Fi router, you can set T-Mobile Wi-Fi as your automatic backup option when the main internet connection goes down.

Once you have exhausted the plan, i.e., 130GB of data, your speeds will dial down to 600kbps. While the plan may be sufficient for a small household with fewer members, it surely is a lifesaver for people who experience frequent internet outages or simply can't afford to go offline for long.

Previously, T-Mobile also served the businesses with a similar backup internet plan. It was called the "Business Internet Backup" plan, which is also priced at $30/month. But this plan is limited to seven days of use per month. Thankfully, this restriction doesn't apply to the 5G Home Internet Backup plan. Interested users can get the Home Internet Backup plan from T-Mobile stores and the company's website starting June 6.

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