Verizon dumping current 4G MiFi hotspot products

If you want to get a stand alone hotspot device from Verizon Wireless, you had better hurry up. The Verge reports via an unnamed sources that the wireless carrier is getting ready to discontinue selling all of its current 4G MiFi hotspot products. The story claims that the Samsung LTE Jetpack and ZTE Fivespot devices are not planning to be restocked while the final shipments of the Novatel LTE Jetpack will be coming in January.

That may mean that Verizon Wireless is either dumping the MiFi hotspot product line entirely or it is getting ready to launch some new MiFi-based devices in the near future. So far the company has not confirmed this report.

The same story from The Verge also reports that a number of recently launched smartphones will soon be unavailable for sale at Verizon. That includes the Motorola Droid 3, launched just six months ago, and the LG Revolution, which went on sale a mere seven months ago. The story points out that there are rumors of a Droid 4 in the works for release in 2012.

The BlackBerry Curve 3G and the Palm Pre 2 are also reportedly not long for Verizon's catalog of smartphones. Of course, HP discontinued all Palm-based smartphones a few months ago so the shut down of the Palm Pre 2 is to be expected.

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