Verizon to offer 30mb/2mb fiber connections

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Fashonistas love to flaunt their prada shoes. Rappers pile on the bling until thier sparkle is blinding. Corporate honchos throw parties with ice sculptures that pee vodka. So what do geeks do to establish their place on the food chain? They boast about their fat broadband connections.

But the pricey 1.5Mbps connections are looking mighty foolish in Keller, Texas these days. That's where Verizon first introduced its fibre to the premises (fttp) broadband service, and its hardly an emblem of privilege for the grossly wealthy. Instead, residents are capable of pulling down an astonishing 5mbps for as low as $35 per month.

Verizon is delivering these truly decadent speeds using fiber-optic cables that transmit voice, data, and video. And the company tells us that speed isn't the only advantage offered by fiber-optic transmission. Unlike cable, bandwith isn't shared among customers, and unlike DSL, you don't have to be close to the central office to get optimal performance.

Verizon is calling its service Fios (pronounced FYE-ose, an incantation we've confirmed doesn't open a portal to hell), and is already expanding its service to California and Florida. The pricing scheme, which the company tells us is not merely an introductory offer, touts 5mbps/2mbps (downstream/upstream) for $40 a month as a standalone package or $35 a month as part of a local and/or long-distance calling plan. You'll also be able to get a 15mbps/2mbps connection for $45 a month as part of a calling package or $50 a month stand alone. Pricing for 30mbps/5mbps will be anounced later.

Data service packages include up to nine e-mail accounts with 30 mb of storage for the primary account and 10 mb for each sub-account, an address book and calender, 10 mb of personal web space, a web site building tool and access to news groups.

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News source: PC Magazine

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