Vice City Stories Gets Site Overhaul, New Trailer

The long awaited follow up to the PSP's Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories has today received what Rockstar are calling a "giant official site update" as well as a third trailer - "In so Deep".

The new site is heavily stylised and lovingly dipped in Vice City chic, constructed entirely out of Flash and featuring snippets of mock-adverts, radio stations and news from the game.

The site also gives an overview of each of the ten multiplayer modes available in the game, including classics such as "Vice City Survivor" - a simple last man standing deathmatch and more innovative modes like "Grand Theft Auto" which prompts players with a list of cars to steal and deliver.

Also announced is the game's soundtrack - eight radio stations including the return of some old favourites (V-Rock, Flash, Emotion) and some new additions too.

Rockstar really don't miss a trick, even with a game destined for portable release.

The game hits the shelves October 30 in the US and November 2 in the UK.

Link: Rockstar Games' Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories

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