Watch Apple's new iPhone 7 get crushed in a hydraulic press because you know you want to

Earlier this month, Apple unveiled the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. The two handsets went on sale last week, and they seem to be doing fairly well so far - Apple said that it had completely sold out of its iPhone 7 Plus launch inventory, while all Jet Black models of the iPhone 7 had been bought up too.

The new devices are Apple's first iPhones to offer IP67 dust- and water-resistance - a very welcome addition given how much they cost. They also seem to cope surprisingly well with being dropped, although like most mainstream handsets, they're not invulnerable to an awkward impact on an unforgiving sidewalk.

But after the 'Bendgate' controversy surrounding the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus a couple of years back, some buyers may well be wondering just how robust Apple's latest and greatest handsets really are.

The video below really isn't a good way to try to answer that question. Clamping pretty much any handset into a hydraulic press and slowly crushing it isn't going to end well for the device, no matter how well built it may be - and as you'll soon see, the iPhone 7 eventually suffers a rather undignified end.

In fact, let's not pretend that there's any real value to this exercise at all - it's just jolly good, brutal fun. Enjoy:

Source: Hydraulic Press Channel (YouTube) via CoolSmartphone

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