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Some iPhone 7 owners are reporting hissing noises

Did you buy an iPhone 7 or 7 Plus over the weekend? If you did, you might have noticed a hissing noise at some point. You are not alone, as many other customers are in the same boat.

It only seems to happen when the device is under heavy usage, such as when restoring from an iCloud backup or performing a factory reset. It's sort of how a Surface Pro 3 sounds when the fan kicks on. Also, the device gets hot, hotter than any other iPhone that I've used since Apple bragged about how efficient the A8 processor was in the iPhone 6.

Indeed, we're having the same issues with the iPhone 7 Plus that we're reviewing. We contacted support to see if Apple is willing to replace the unit, and it suggested that we take it back to the Apple Store where we got it.

The firm hasn't issued any statements regarding the matter, so we really don't know how serious it is, or if it's something to worry about at all. The device certainly seems to throttle when it heats up like that, although it's not something that happens often. As mentioned above, it only happens under very heavy usage. Our testing has been admittedly limited, given that the device only came out three days ago, but we only experienced it twice; once during an iCloud restore and once during a factory reset.

Rene Ritchie of iMore, for example, has stated that this is all par for the course. He says that all devices make such a noise, and perhaps it's just more noticeable on the new iPhone.

But as The Verge says, this doesn't sound normal at all. The site thinks that it could be attributed to "coil whine", the sound "a high-powered processor or virtually any electronic part can make, especially when it’s not properly dampened."

Ultimately, we won't know what's causing the issue or how widespread it is until Apple issues a statement, which it will likely do after investigating what's causing it. If you're worried about it, you're still within your return period.

Hissing noises aside, we've been impressed with the iPhone 7 Plus so far. Check out our unboxing and first impressions right here.

Have you noticed any hissing noises from your new iPhone? Let us know in the comments!

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