Ubuntu OTA-13 lands with new keyboard languages and more

Although not very popular, Canonical has been ploughing ahead with its Ubuntu Touch OS. Today, the latest over-the-air update has arrived on devices. OTA-13 brings with it several improvements including to language support and performance.

Ubuntu OTA-13 introduces Copy and Paste on legacy applications, Korean and Latvian keyboards, an improved Emoji keyboard and various app startup time improvements (calendar, calculator, camera, dialer). The release also brings with it various synchronization improvements: users will now be able to sync multiple calendars and have the option to sync these calendars with the open-source cloud solution, OwnCloud.

The operating system’s settings and indicators have received updates too. There is a new notifications panel that offers per-app settings for sound, vibrate, and message bubbles. The notification bar now shows a keyboard indicator. The Updates Panel has been reworked to improve robustness, additionally, updates now show version changes for available updates and the set of recently installed updates. The "Other vibrations" setting now works correctly, fixing issues from the last release.

Ubuntu Touch OS currently runs on various phone and tablet devices and uses the Unity 8 shell. Desktop releases still ship with Unity 7 while work on Unity 8 for desktop has bugs ironed out. Unity 8 is a major part in Canonical’s goal of making Ubuntu a convergent platform.

Source: Ubuntu Insights

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