Which handsets would be better with Windows Phone? ~discuss!

You may recall an article here on Neowin from a couple of weeks back, in which at least one European mobile operator expressed the opinion that Nokia’s Lumia 900 would be selling a lot better if it had Android on board. Windows Phone fans would no doubt be sickened if such a thing ever saw the light of day.

But the wishful thinking works both ways. A rumour’s been doing the rounds that Samsung’s Galaxy S III – which is due to be launched in London next week – will form the basis of a new kick-ass Windows Phone handset, the Focus S II, which will launch later this year. The prospect of Samsung’s flagship hardware matched with the Windows Phone OS is very appealing indeed, and that got us thinking about which other devices would fit the bill.

So, that’s the subject of our weekend poll. Which non-Windows Phone handset do you think deserves an upgrade to Microsoft’s mobile OS? Which device do you secretly covet more than any other, and desperately wish that you could, if only it had Windows Phone on board? Because the field is wide open, there's no list of choices for you to pick from - we just want to know what you think.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, or join in the discussion on the Neowin forums to debate your selection with the rest of the Neowin community!

So, with that, it's over to you: ~discuss!

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