Windows 10 adoption slows in third month of availability

Windows 10 has been nothing short of a successful release. In the three months that it has been around it has reached 7.94% of the operating system (OS) market share, overtaking Windows 8 and the two latest versions of OS X combined. Unfortunately for Microsoft, uptake of the operating system has started to slow.

In August, Windows 10 had reached 5.21% market share, by September that number increased by 1.42% to 6.63%. In October, the total market share reached 7.94%, an increase of 1.31% which is down from the previous month.

Windows 7 is still the most popular operating system with 55.71% of the market share, but has taken the largest hit as a result of the Windows 10 launch. In July when Windows 10 became available, Windows 7 had a market share of 60.73%, meaning it has lost over 5% of the total operating system market share.

Windows 10 has around 120 million users as of October 29, and Microsoft hopes to have a billion users by 2017. With the company offering free upgrades to users until summer 2016, they may reach their target on time. Windows 7, the most popular OS will stop receiving updates at the start of 2020, a little over four years away.

Source: Softpedia

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