Windows 8 new gestures and touch effects

After the latest Windows 8 (build 7955) leak today, a lot more features are beginning to show up all over the web. The latest feature in Windows 8, is the updated gesture controls, touch screen keyboard and cursor effects.

The short video appeared on YouTube shortly by a username Xeraxical (Alex Reed) showing off the new keyboard, gestures and updated cursor.

The video may appear to not be significant, but it does show that Microsoft is working on new features for tablets (and possibly mobile phones) already in the early stages of development. It could mean that Microsoft's next operating system, Windows 8, will be more geared towards the mobile market with touchscreen devices.

The latest Windows 8 leak appeared on a private FTP server on, which eventually spilled onto public torrent websites. The leaked build was from Milestone 2, a previous and old build from within Microsoft. The latest compile of Windows 8 is in the "Milestone 3" or M3 phase.

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