Windows 8 pre-beta demoed, shows new features [Video]

There is no doubt that Windows 8 is a hot topic at CES 2012. The new OS is quickly approaching beta and will be in the consumer hands before we know it. At the Microsoft booth today, a pre-beta build was shown off that included new features that are not currently included in the developers preview. 

There are some things that had not been seen before such as new background colors, mouse gestures, and of course, Microsoft Music. The demo lasted about 17 minutes and is a great overview of what Windows 8 will offer.

There was a lot of excitement at the booth for many reasons but the vision Microsoft has for the Metro UI begins to become a bit more clear after viewing the demo; Metro will be a fantastic addition to the platform. While many critics are writing it off without having used the interface, it offers a lot of flexibility and a new way to interact with your PC.


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