Windows Azure promo features dial-up connection battle

A few weeks ago, Microsoft uploaded a new promotional video for its Windows Azure cloud services that showed the (funny) consequences of using it. Office employees with nothing better to do were shown engaging in a an Middle Ages-style joust with stuff animals for lances.

Now the latest video for Windows Azure has been posted on YouTube and it's in the same spirit as the "office duel" clip. However, this one speaks more to the tech-heads who might actually be using Windows Azure. Instead of jousting with animals, this new competition puts two teams (Team Chops and Team Chicken) against each other in a race to see who can complete their dial-up connection first.

Yes, remember those? Remember trying to sign up to AOL or Prodigy or CompuServe with a "super fast" 56K modem from, say, USRobotics? It's not that long ago and indeed, there are still some people in the US who still break out the phone line to connect to the net. However, the slow and noisy dial-up modem has apparently been reduced to a time killing competition in office lunch hours, if this fictional video is any indication. We actually would love to know if such "dial-up" races actually happen in real life.

Source: Windows Azure on YouTube

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