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Windows Phone 8 calendar event creation still broken

An annoyance spanning back to July of 2013 with Windows Phone 8 has yet to be resolved, which has many users irritated. The default WP8 app is broken when dealing with daylight savings time with Google calendar. The native app will inadvertently shift calendar entries by one hour, leaving users appointments and other events flawed.

The problem has been reported to multiple sources including, Nokia forums, the WP Twitter support, online chat, phone support and community forums with no fix as of yet.

So what are you to do if you are stuck with this almost unavoidable bug? Well, there are some workarounds posted on the answers.microsoft.com page, which it seems most users have had little or not luck with, or you could always use a third-party calendar application. Aside from that, you're left to just wait it out and hope that a fix comes with the scheduled early April WP 8.1 update.

Source: answers.mircrosoft.com | Image via Google

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