You can now bring Yu-Gi-Oh! monsters to life with Microsoft HoloLens

Microsoft's HoloLens is one of today's gadgets that is helping the rise of augmented reality today, bringing things once constrained to computer screens into the real world. The headset has been used in all sorts of interesting scenarios; from potentially transforming the way we buy a car, to providing virtual assistance to those on the International Space Station.

It doesn't stop there, however. The AR glasses also provides a bit of fun to its users. We got an idea of how Pokémon GO could work on the device, as well as a glimpse of some retro Super Mario goodness. And now, we get to witness some monsters come to life, from the Japanese card game called Yu-Gi-Oh!.

A group of developers called Gold Team Productions is working on a way to bring Yu-Gi-Oh! monsters to life using HoloLens' AR technology. The project started in a 'pre-alpha' build in early June, where the developers were able to display a hand of cards side-by-side in the real world. When the cards are tapped or tossed by the user, it will generate a static 3D image of the monster in the card.

The second update brought sound effects to the cards. When monsters have been summoned, they can now roar, or play a sound effect as they are displayed in the real world. The monsters have also become bigger, which unfortunately took a toll on the HoloLens' performance. In a mini update, the program can now map out things in the real world such as grass, trees, bushes, and clouds.

And in its latest iteration, the developers have made it possible to use real life Yu-Gi-Oh! cards to summon the monsters. The monsters respond to how the physical card is being held, which we can say, is quite neat.

Gold Team Productions admit that every card doesn't work perfectly, and that despite being able to summon multiple monsters at a time, HoloLens can only track the movement of one card at a time.

According to them, they are currently working on Update 3, which comes with a huge change. The developers state that the third update finally brings Yu-Gi-Oh! for HoloLens into beta stage, allowing anyone to play with the headset. It will also include multiplayer support, as well as support for more monsters and animations.

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