Zolt is aiming to replace your bulky factory laptop charger with something smaller

It's not often that a product comes along that could completely change the way we look at things. Zolt is one of those products and it is looking to replace your bulky laptop charger.

Laptop chargers for the most part, have not changed over the past decade. Most chargers require a power block that is connected to a cable. This usually means that we are forced to carry something bulky when we are forced to travel. Luckily, Zolt is creating a universal laptop charger that measures only 3-inches in length. This charger is lighter and smaller than anything being offered to the public. There was one other option, a KickStarter project that has failed to meet deadlines and will launch roughly around the same time as Zolt.

What makes Zolt different from the Dart is its addition of two USB ports. This will allow you to charge not only a laptop, but also a couple other devices as well. ​Currently, the Zolt is only available for pre-order. It will retail for $99 USD, but is available for a special pre-order price of $79 USD. The Zolt is expected to ship in Spring of 2015.

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