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  1. 1. Who do you think will win the 2014 World Driver's Championship?

    • Sebastian Vettel
    • Daniel Ricciardo
    • Lewis Hamilton
    • Nico Rosberg
    • Fernando Alonso
    • Kimi Raikkonen
    • Romain Grosjean
    • Pastor Maldonado
    • Jenson Button
    • Kevin Magnussen
    • Nico Hulkenberg
    • Sergio Perez
    • Adrian Sutil
    • Esteban Gutierrez
    • Jean-Eric Vergne
    • Daniil Kvyat
    • Felipe Massa
    • Valterri Bottas
    • Jules Bianchi
    • Max Chilton
    • Kamui Kobayashi
    • Marcus Ericsson
  2. 2. Who do you think will win the World Constructor's Championship?

    • Infiniti Red Bull Racing
    • Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team
    • Scuderia Ferrari
    • Lotus F1 Team
    • McLaren Mercedes
    • Sahara Force India F1 Team
    • Sauber F1 Team
    • Scuderia Toro Rosso
    • Williams Martini Racing
    • Marussia F1 Team
    • Caterham F1 Team

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Good race yesterday, plenty of action up and down the grid.

I did get frustrated at the TV director, every time there seem to be some kind of overtaking or other action he kept cutting to the crowd or to the pits to get their reaction while the action took place on the track.

Top drive again by Riccardo, and hats off to Rosberg for nursing his car home for so long.

I can't see Kimi Raikkonen lasting much longer at Ferrari, he just can't seem to get on top of the car this year, and I get the feeling his heart just isn't in it any more.

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Fantastic race with plenty of action. Good race for Riccardo


I did get frustrated at the TV director, every time there seem to be some kind of overtaking or other action he kept cutting to the crowd or to the pits to get their reaction while the action took place on the track.


Ha I don't think you're the only person that noticed that. There was a comment by the BBC commentator along the lines of "We're not going to see any of the action on Massa's brothers face" They really need to concentrate more on the race.

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The stewards really blew that call. It's obvious Massa turned into Perez. 


Say what? Just look at the gif, you can see Perez moved off line during the braking zone, that`s a massive no-no! Did anyone else notice when Perez was behind Rosberg it looked like there was several times he could have used DRS yet didn`t, maybe there was a failure because Ricciardo (well played lad) passed him pretty easy and that`s with a Renault engine. I reckon if it hadn`t been for Perez, lucky boy Rosberg would probably have been third or fourth...

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I think both, Perez deff has a twitch, though by the looks of the still photo on the previous page his left rear wing upright is broken, could have caused a swerve.

Massa is turning because there is a curve to that braking zone.

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Yeah he does move ever so slightly but Massa seems to be trying to get back on the racing line or something. I really don't know what he was thinking.


Sergio Perez blames Felipe Massa for their huge shunt at the Canadian GP | Sergio Perez Profile | Formula 1 | Sky Sports

F1 Canadian Grand Prix: Perez hits back at Smedley | F1 News


If Perez had continued to follow the racing line (where Vettel had gone) there would not have been contact. As above, Massa had to turn because that 'straight' is a right hand bend.

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So Perez has a 5 place grid penalty for deviating from his line in the braking zone...apparently Perez's brakes were failing or had failed.

The drivers sustained forces on 27G on impact!..ouch!


And fantastic news, Schumacher is out of his coma!!

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Is Haas really this dumb?

Haas also does not think it will be a problem to attract the right personnel to his F1 team despite the main factory being in the United States.


"Being in Charlotte, the distance between there and London is an eight-hour flight, and there are so many direct flights, so the transportation and communication shouldn't be too big of an issue," he said.


"That's just the way it is these days. If we have to find the right people and they are in different parts of the world we can use this technology to bring them together with us."

Does he think an engineer is going to fly across the pond on his way to work everyday?


I'd love for Haas to succeed since I'm from the states but I'm sorry, while the US is the best at some things, automotive technology is definitely not one of them. The talent for that is in Europe and Japan and he needs to get his butt to the UK.


Even Ferrari is having trouble attracting talent because they're based in Italy.

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Is anyone else experiencing issues watching Sky F1 videos lately? I've been trying to watch The F1 Show for days now and Chrome or Firefox refuse to play any videos. IE will play them but I don't have a country bypasser VPN extension for IE which The F1 show needs.


They changed something on Sky that throws up security errors and the browsers refuse to play the videos. I even disable flash and spoof the iPad so I can download the MP4 but it too throws errors and refused to proceed. The private race video tracker that I use as a fallback hasn't released the episode yet.



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FIA to back off on Formula 1 driver collision investigations


The FIA is ready to ease back on driving standard investigations from the Austrian Grand Prix to make Formula 1 drivers more willing to battle hard, AUTOSPORT has learned.


Amid ongoing discussions between the sport's key players aimed at improving the show, the perception that drivers are getting discouraged from making overtaking moves because they are worried about penalties for minor contact was aired.


Sources have revealed that during this week's Formula 1 Commission meeting, a number of teams asked the sport's governing body to reconsider the way it deals with racing incidents.


The teams argued that if the FIA no longer automatically investigates every bit of contact on track then there is a chance that drivers could take more risks - which would improve the spectacle.


Following discussions in the meeting, the FIA has agreed to a change of approach in how it deals with clashes on track from now on.


Up until now, under Article 16.1 of the Sporting Regulations, F1 race director Charlie Whiting has had to report to the race stewards any incident between two drivers that has resulted in a collision.


From this weekend's race - providing there is no formal complaint from a team about the actions of another driver - Whiting will leave it entirely up to the stewards to decide whether an incident is serious enough to warrant a punishment.


The stewards will only get involved, though, if there is a situation when one driver is clearly at fault for a crash that could easily have been avoided.


It means that Romain Grosjean would still have been punished for his 2012 Belgian Grand Prix crash, but Max Chilton may have escaped without a reprimand for his clash with Kimi Raikkonen at this year's Monaco Grand Prix.


Whiting informed team managers about the new approach during the pre-Austrian Grand Prix meeting on Thursday afternoon - and made it clear that if the new system was going to work it would require teams not to keep pushing for rivals to be punished in incidents.


Earlier this year, Pastor Maldonado expressed his own fears of drivers not pushing as much as they wanted because of the penalty situation.


"[The threat of penalties means] you cannot race, you need to only stay on track and wait for problems," he said.


"If you attack and your manoeuvre is not that clear, or the guy is defending the place and you have a gamble, and you are fighting, you can be penalised.


"So they [the FIA] need to be slightly more flexible."


Source: Autosport

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