England Vs Portugal


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The referee was the one who robbed us obviously he is not going to admit it...

im pretty sure he's gonna be a ref. for another game in the tournament, and Collina (worlds best ref) will be a ref. for the finals.

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but you have a small small brain my friend and that was what i was referring to...

lol - and you are a complete waste of space and a poor excuse for a human being. Dont you just love the anonymity of the internet? We're going to be insulting each other all day, I can see it ;)

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Matrix XII

Go England!!

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And I think I'll call time, if you're supporting the Portugese, look forward to the semis; if you're suporting the english, take a moment to think of poor old rudi voller and their glorious exit ;)


Euro2004 thread, take it easy in there, let's just look forward to the Greeks knocking out the French tonight ;)

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