[Soccer] Liverpool v Milan

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I chat utter crap and that's all I have to say about myself


Look mate I have to agree with you there, you obviously do. Liverpool rightly winners end of story, Bitter possible

How should football be played you dont have a clue bet you weren't crying when United got the win against Arsenal at Old Trafford when Rooney dived.. ya see football is played in many different ways and that's not one of them, I agree our team has no were near the quality of Barcelona or even AC Milan, but we play with a passion that no other team has, our fans are amazing and act as our 12 man. The point is Benitez only took over last year and before that he had to cope with Houlliers rejects, the signings he's made have been of good standard and it's just gonna get better and better I'm sure we'll build after this with the chariman stating the managers getting a big kitty for players, so before you mouth off about how we don't play proper football well to be honest who does! We won that game with a bit of luck, big deal I'm glad you're not happy cos it sorta makes me happy. Liverpool champions again lovely.

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