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Windows Server 2003 Gaming?


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Jason    5
OK... everyone needs to stop arguing...

Servers are defined by their software / configuration package. Because of this, it is very possible to have a server acting as a workstation without any problems.

Now some people may think it's crazy to use a $3000+ piece of software for everyday use that only required $200 dollars worth of investment, but this is the best fact of America... Freedom.

Freedom to do whatever you freaking wish to do as long as it doesn't break the law... Now obviously some jerk is going to say, what if the person doesn't live in America, well... that's a lame excuse and doesn't need any further arguing.

So in closing, Everyone who keeps shouting it's a server, not a workstation needs to respect the rights of every member of this forum who chooses to use the software other than its intended use...

Nike was founded by using a Waffle cooker to create the initial design of their shoes... Just imagine what would have happened if the public told him "it's a waffle cooker, not a sole designer"

I have no problem with people who purchase the OS then play games on it.

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