A cardboard Surface Pro 3 is how Microsoft is promoting the Surface Pro 3 down-under

Building the best product in the world is only the first step to selling millions of any device. While the Surface Pro 3 is a great machine, its success will only be as good as the marketing push that is behind the device. So, if you want to penetrate the education sector, how can you send these institutions a marketing pamphlet that they might actually look at? 

Simple: Create a cardboard mockup of the Surface Pro 3 that looks identical to the real version, and that's exactly what Microsoft is doing in Australia. As you can see in the video, the cardboard version of the Pro 3 includes a small working screen and a few buttons too. Obviously this is far from a real Pro 3 but the fact that it includes an actual display alongside the promotional details shows that this was not an overnight marketing decision and that a lot of thought has gone into this material.

From a marketing aspect, we have already seen Microsoft go after the Macbook Air and a few other commercials have aired as well. The educational aspect is the latest effort by the company to help push the product into new markets. We have already seen where iPads have come up short when deployed in educational sectors, so this advertising push makes a bit of sense.

Source: YouTube | Via: Winbeta

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