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“A great tablet is better than a cheap PC” says Nvidia CEO

The advent of mobile computing for the general populous started when the laptop became an affordable and suitable replacement for the standard desktop PC. No longer did users have to trade performance for cost or aesthetics for functionality. Finally laptops were, and still are, devices that your parents  could use instead of purchasing a new desktop PC.

Since the release of the iPad however, the tablet market has grown at a phenomenal rate. OEMs like Samsung, Dell and Lenovo all got in on the act, offering Android based tablets at a lesser price than the iPad, and with models such as Samsung’s Galaxy Tab getting praise from IT pros and the general consumer, it’s no surprise that Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang said in a conference call with analysts that consumers are starting to realise that “a great tablet is better than a cheap PC.

As Nvidia operates in both PC and mobile markets, these are bold and interesting words. With the PC market starting to slow for Nvidia, figures released show that 30% of their revenues come from non-PC chips; the Tegra graphics processor, used in Google Android and Microsoft Surface tablets, is helping offset the slump in demand for the PC graphics chips. Huang added:

Our fundamentals are better than ever. We’re increasing our share. The PC end market is uncertain. We’ll take a rather cautious approach to our outlook.

Nvidia are doing well at juggling the two markets, with the one highlight in the PC market being the demand for PC gaming graphics chips, providing a much better experience than the current generation of consoles and gaming tablets. With Nvidia to heavily invest in a 4G LTE modem chip and its next-gen mobile processor, the future is bright for Nvidia and the mobile market.

Source: VentureBeat | Image courtesy of Tablets Planet

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