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Adobe Acrobat is adding a way to generate images in PDF files with AI text prompts


Adobe is adding an image generation feature to its popular Adobe Acrobat app for opening and editing PDF files. In an email press release, the company revealed that starting later this week, Adobe Acrobat will support the generation and editing of images created by AI, specifically via Adobe’s Firefly Image 3 model.

The app will add the new Generate Image function this week, which will allow users to have control over AI-made images in PDF files. The feature will also let users adjust both the style and size of an AI-made image so they can fit in a PDF document.

In addition, the new Edit Image feature will let users access the Generative Fill, Remove
Background, Erase, and Crop functions in the Firefly model. Users can edit images in PDF files so they can remove unneeded objects, or get rid of backgrounds and more.

In addition to the new AI-based image features, more functions are being added to Acrobat AI Assistant. One of them will allow users to find specific themes and trends from a number of different documents and sources. Users can drag all that content into Acrobat AI Assistant, which can then format that information. The new feature will include adding citations so people can know where the information in the document comes from. Users will also be able to go to a specific source for more information.

Adobe AI Assistant is also adding a way to generate summaries of meetings. The feature will offer fast access to a meeting's main topics and action items.

Earlier this year, Adobe added more AI-based features to some of its other software products. They included a new version of Photoshop with more advanced AI image generation functions, A few weeks ago, the Adobe Lightroom app added the general availability of Lens Blur, along with early access to Generative Remove.

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