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Adobe announces new version of Photoshop with more advanced AI-based image creation models

adobe photshop

Adobe has been adding lots of AI-based features to its various software products over the last year. They include adding its Firefly AI-based image creation feature to its Creative Cloud apps like its flagship product, Photoshop.

Today, Adobe announced it is launching a new version of Photoshop that not only includes some new AI image editing features and improvements but also includes the new Firefly Image 3 Foundation Model for making AI-based content from text prompts.

adobe photshop

In an emailed press release, Adobe says Firefly Image 3 will be able to create higher quality images compared to the previous model, with more variety and details. It is also supposed to have a better understanding of text prompts.

Firefly Image 3 will also be included in the new beta version of Photoshop. Adobe says the software will include improvements to its Generation Fill AI editing features with some new functions:

  • Reference Image helps creatives achieve the outputs they imagine, using user-selected images as generative inspiration.
  • Text to Image with Generate Image shortens the distance between the blank page and amazing content with full text to image capabilities directly within Photoshop for the first time.
  • Generate Background replaces and creates backgrounds, making it easier than ever to generate content that seamlessly blends into existing images.
  • Generate Similar lets creators iterate with variations they select, to explore creation ideas more deeply with more precise control.
  • Enhance Detail fine-tunes images to improve sharpness and clarity

The new version of Photoshop is available on the desktop with a beta label today. Firefly Image 3 is also available in beta today and can be accessed on its official website. Adobe's free and paid plans offer different amounts of Generative Credits that can be used to create images on the site.

In addition to the new Photoshop and Firefly Image 3, Adobe also announced new versions of its Adobe Express mobile apps. They are now available with a number of new features and improvements. They include Firefly AI image creation, editing functions like Text Effects, Generative Fill, and more.

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