Alleged Foxconn connection offers details on an array of future Apple products

There have been a lot of leaks and rumors over the past month in regards to the iPhone. But now it appears that a someone with ties to Foxconn employees has taken to Reddit to share some juicy details about some of the products that are allegedly in Apple's pipeline and are currently being worked on at the factory.

There has been a lot of information in regards to Apple's iPhone, whether it will have Touch ID sensor on the front or the rear of the device. Apparently, unlike the previously leaked models that we have seen over the past few weeks, the reader will indeed be located in the front. The next iPhone will look similar to the iPhone 7 but will have slimmer bezels around the display. The source was able to state that the handset will look similar to the image seen above. There was also a small tidbit about the 10th-anniversary edition iPhone with it offering water resistance, wireless charging, and a Lightning connector, not USB-C.

In regards to Apple's home speaker, it will utilize a modified version of the A9 chip that was found in the iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, iPhone SE, and iPad. There were three designs that were being worked on, with variants differing in terms of their inclusion of a screen and camera. The shape will look similar to the Mac Pro, that was originally released in 2013 but will be much smaller.

While there is very little information about an upcoming iMac, the source does state that there will be an incremental update in 2017 and a complete revision in 2018. Those hoping for a new Macbook Air will be sad to know that the line is or will be discontinued. If looking for something slim and light, the MacBook might be a good option with the possibility of an updated body involving more glass, a darker body, and the reintroduction of a glowing Apple logo. Apparently, Apple is also working on an illuminated e-paper display keyboard that will eventually be paired with the OLED Touch Bar that we saw introduced last year.

To round out all of the information above, the source also dropped some details about a pair of glasses which might be dubbed "Project Mirrorshades" or "Apple Iris". The glasses will come in sizes for men and women and will be composed of an acetate frame with the ability to have polarized or prescription lenses. There will be Zeiss optics, along with bone conduction audio, microphones with noise cancellation, a light sensor, accelerometer, and be powered by an Apple chipset. Users will be able to control the glasses by using a capacitive panel on the frames. The frames will arrive in an array of colors like crystal, champagne, and black. This will be Apple's attempt to bring AR to the masses, with it still being in the experimental stages. If all goes well, the glasses may arrive in 2019.

While the information revealed could well be incorrect, a moderator has verified that the individual does indeed have a connection with Foxconn and that last year they were able to provide information about the Touch Bar on the then unreleased MacBook Pro that came to be true. Although a majority of the information will not be able to verified for quite some time, Apple is rumored to be announcing some of the aforementioned products at WWDC next week.

Source: Reddit via 9to5Mac | Image via VenyaGeskin1 (Twitter) | iDrop News

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