Amazon announces new Kindle Paperwhite that will allow you to read your books underwater

E-readers were once an extremely hot product category but that has tapered off over the past several years but it hasn't stopped Amazon from offering a wide variety of options. Today, it has announced its latest model of the Kindle Paperwhite, bringing welcome improvements over predecessors.

The new Paperwhite comes with a new front design that melds the borders of the device with its six-inch display, making things look flush and sleek. Text will still remain clear as ever with the display's pixels per inch (PPI) coming in at 300. The unit is thin, coming in at 8.18mm and it weighs just 182 grams. You will also be able to use this in the dark or dimly lit areas thanks to its backlit display, utilizing five LEDs to provide a uniform illumination. The backlight will be adjustable, making it ideal for any environment.

If you are someone that enjoys reading in the bath, you'll be happy to know that the new Paperwhite features an IPX8 rating, meaning that it will be protected from fluids and can be immersed in fresh water up to two meters for up to 60 minutes. The base model will come with 8GB of storage, while the top-tier model will have 32GB of internal storage. The extra space will be important because the device will not only offer support for e-books but can also support audiobooks through Amazon's Audible service.

Since this is a Kindle, you'll get all of the previous benefits of owning one like Goodreads, X-Ray, Word Wise, Family Library, and more. The 8GB Paperwhite will cost $129.99, while the 32GB model will retail for $159.99. There will also be a cellular connected model for $249.99. Pre-orders start today, with an expected release for November 7.

Source: Amazon via The Verge

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