Amazon to come out with five or six new tablets?

A few weeks ago, it was rumored that Amazon had plans to release as many as four new versions of its Kindle Fire tablet device. Now the US head of the office-based retail store chain Staples claims that the number of new tablet versions coming from Amazon could be even more that previously reported.

Reuters reports that Demos Parneros, president of the US division of Staples, claims that Amazon will release five or even six new tablet SKUs. He also says one of them could be a 10-inch model. Amazon has yet to comment on Parneros's claims.

Amazon launched the seven inch Kindle Fire in the fall of 2011 but only released one model, with 8 GB worth of storage. The company has been quiet about its plans for a follow-up to the Android-based Kindle Fire. It's also been non-specific about the sales of the first tablet, claiming only that "millions" of them have been sold.

Previous rumors claim that three seven-inch versions of the next Kindle Fire tablet will be made. One reportedly has a touch screen resolution of 1024x600 display but no on board camera. The other has a higher HD resolution of 1280x800 with a camera. The third Kindle Fire 2 seven-inch also reportedly has a 1280x800 resolution screen and a camera but will also add in a "4G" wireless antenna.

Finally, Amazon is reportedly working on a larger, 8.9-inch Kindle Fire tablet with a 1920x1200 screen.

Source: Reuters

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