Amazon's Dash buttons are going digital, will now show up on the store homepage

Amazon, the gigantic retailer that made its name and fortune on the internet, took an unexpected step a couple of years ago, when it introduced the Amazon Dash button – a physical button you keep in your house that lets you order specific items. But the program has been so successful that Amazon is bringing the Dash button to its website, in a virtual incarnation.

The physical version of the Dash button sits in your house, connected to your wireless network, and lets you order a specific item from a specific retailer with just one click. In fact, you might call it one-click shopping, in the physical world.

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The virtual Dash button will work very much the same, with Amazon saying customers should think of it like an even more streamlined version of the 1-Click ordering feature. The new Dash button will sit on your Amazon homepage so you can quickly order items without searching for them. You can create your own buttons for your favorite products, while Amazon will also create Dash buttons based on your recurrent purchases. Obviously, the virtual Dash buttons themselves are free, though they are exclusively for Prime members.

Given that lowering checking out friction on digital stores has been proven to help sell more items, it’s no wonder that Amazon is taking this approach and bringing a successful product from the physical world back into its store.

Source: Amazon Via: Recode

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