Analogue announces its Mega Sg console with support for Sega games from consoles of the past

Although retro consoles are having a moment thanks to mini versions being released by the likes of Nintendo, Sony, and Neo Geo, Analogue has been refining the retro console experience for the past four years, offering luxe retro consoles for quite some time. The firm is now adding to its catalog of high-quality products, delivering the Mega Sg.

The Mega Sg is a retro console that can play Master System, Mega Drive, and Sega Genisis games, but brings the experience to modern televisions at 1080p thanks to the console's HDMI port. Much in the same way as its previous consoles, the firm is striving to deliver the highest quality possible with its Mega Sg. The console will offer support for up to 2,100 games, has original controller ports, and can even connect to the Sega CD. The firm also plans to offer cartridges that will allow compatibility with Game Gear cartridges. Unfortunately, the unit will not offer support for Sega's 32X accessory.

The console will come in four colors and will be priced at $189. The company is now taking orders and it is expected to ship starting in March of next year. While you can use your original Sega controllers, the firm will also offer a wireless option, which can be purchased for $24.99.

Source: Analogue via Polygon

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