Apple charging $279 for iPhone X screen repairs, $549 for everything else

The iPhone X was made available for pre-order early this morning and while consumers have yet to receive the handset, Apple has already posted pricing of how much repairs will cost for the handset.

According to a new update to its support page, Apple will charge $279 to repair the display and $549 for any other issues outside of that. Naturally, this pricing is for repairs that fall outside the spectrum of what is covered by the manufacturer's one year warranty. The prices you see above are for the United States and every region has its own set of prices for repairs, so check your local support page for details.

Now, with the cost being so high, one has to wonder whether it would just be more cost effective to purchase the AppleCare+ warranty from the beginning since it covers accidental issues that might occur. AppleCare+ for the iPhone X costs $199 and covers the handset for a total of two years. It doesn't entitle a user to free repairs when accidental damage happens but the fee is far less than the previously mentioned alternative, costing just $29 for screen repairs and $99 for all other damage.

Naturally, this is a choice that one has to make because insurance is only beneficial if you end up using it. Those that are careful and have no incidents during the life of their product will simply be paying for something unused. Luckily, Apple gives iPhone owners up to 60 days to add the plan.

Source: Apple via MacRumors | Image via Apple

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