iPhone X fetching a premium on eBay, selling for as much as $6,000

It comes as an expected part of the process when something rare goes on sale and Apple's iPhone X is no different. Mere minutes after the start of pre-orders, auction site eBay was flooded with listings for the phone, some as high as $6,000. While the $6,000 mark is rare, it's still quite impressive how much value the rare handset commands considering that isn't out of stock and is just experiencing a delayed shipping time.

There is quite a demand for both storage configurations of the phone, with the 64GB commanding roughly an average of $1,500, while the 256GB variant is coming in at around $2,500. The prices are pretty widespread but its very clear that the stock is somewhat rare as there are only about 200 listings so far. This quantity is quite different compared to that of the Super Nintendo Classic Edition, which was commanding a high price itself a few weeks ago and saw numbers in the thousands.

If you aren't willing to shell out the high mark up prices on eBay, you can always just place an order through Apple or your wireless carrier, where delivery times are at about five to six weeks out. Those that want it immediately on the day of release can try their luck by heading to an Apple retail store on November 3, where they will have some limited supply on hand.

Source: eBay

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