Brace yourself: BlackBerry 10 Band returns with new music video

In September, as part of a BlackBerry developer conference, Research in Motion launched a video that featured a bunch of middle aged men getting together to ruin REO Speedwagon’s classic rock ballad "Keep On Loving You". The song's lyrics were altered to promote BlackBerry 10 app development with words such as "Our updated SDK is really cool."

In short, it was weird and strange and made us scratch our heads a lot. Since then, RIM changed its name to BlackBerry and today the company has launched yet another music video featuring the same band in what the company promises is their "final" performance.

The music video once again puts in new lyrics to an old song. This time, the band rips apart "At Last", the truly wonderful jazz ballad best known by its version by Etta James. There is no danger that the "BlackBerry Band" will erase Etta James's version from our memories, especially with new lyrics such as  "Two new devices, good to go."

We are pretty sure that BlackBerry knows that the video this past September got a lot of attention and decided to do it again ahead of the US launch of the BlackBerry Z10 later this week. Let's just hope they don't break their promise about this being the last time we will see this group together making music (and we use that term loosely in this case).

Source: BlackBerry on YouTube

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