Chinese state-run media criticizing Surface Pro warranty

The state-run Chinese media is criticizing Microsoft for its Surface Pro warranty.

Following harsh criticisms of Apple's warranties, China's state-run media outlets are now turning their attention to Microsoft's Surface Pro tablet, complaining about its warranty in the country.

According to a report by Bloomberg, China National Radio is criticizing Microsoft for not following the country's law requiring notebooks to have a two-year warranty for main parts and a one-year full repair warranty. The Surface Pro, the outlet said, should fall under the guidelines of that law. Instead, Microsoft is offering a one-year warranty for both main parts and a full device repair.

Apple came under China's furor when the state-run media claimed the company's Chinese product warranties weren't comparable to its warranties in other countries. A defective iPhone received from a Chinese customer, for instance, would be repaired with new electronics, though the back cover remained the same. In other countries, however, the entire device would be replaced. The news eventually led to Apple CEO Tim Cook releasing a statement saying the company offered its "sincere apologies" and would change its repair policies.

Since Cook's apology, the state-run media has painted Apple in a positive light, with a state-run newspaper saying Apple's apology was "worth respect compared with other American companies."

Source: Bloomberg | Image via Microsoft

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