Diablo III: Wrath animated short released

It may be hard to believe for some people, but Diablo III is now less than a week away from its launch on May 15th. Today, the action-RPG's developers Blizzard has released a new six minute animated short, Diablo III: Wrath. The 2D animated film was created by the Titmouse Studio and directed by Peter Chung, best known for his MTV animated TV series Aeon Flux.

The short tells the story of the game's conflict between the angels and demons. In particular, it deals with one angel, Imperius, and his confrontation with one of the main demons, Diablo. We won't spoil what happens at the end.

You can still check out the previous developer diary video which gives a behind-the-scenes look at the making of Diablo III: Wrath. It's the first time that Blizzard has commissioned a 2D film to be made based on its creations.

Meanwhile, Blizzard has also posted a "Launch Day Preparation Guide" for Diablo III fans. That includes buying the game (duh) creating a BattleTag on Battle.net, and if you have purchased the digital download version, downloading the client right now. The game's installer will unlock at 11:01 am ET on May 14th so people can install the game ahead of time and then be ready when the game's servers go live on at 3:01 am RT on May 15th.

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