Doom gets ported to a calculator

Doom, one of the classic first person shooters, has been ported to a calculator. While many may remember playing drugwars on their TI-83+, kids today can now play Doom on their TI-Nspire calculator. 

The port which was completed by the community shows the true power of the current generation of calculators that can be used in the classroom. Doom was first released in 1993 and is considered to be an all time classic for the FPS genre. The port is not perfect as it currently does not have a menu or the ability to select a difficulty, but other than that, the visuals are a near 100% match to the original version. 

Doom made a big splash when it first landed, it is credited with making first person shooters what they are today. Doom was one of the first games to implement 3D graphics and support network multiplayer. The traditional format created by Doom can still be found in many games to this day.

The video belows the game running in all of its 3D glory and is available for download from here


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