Dragalia Lost is coming to smartphones on September 27

Late last night, Nintendo hosted a new Direct presentation, this time focusing on Dragalia Lost, its upcoming game for mobile devices which was announced all the way back in April. This is the company's first mobile title not to be based on its existing franchises.

The presentation provided many details about the mechanics of the game, which tells the story of a prince who has to form new bonds with dragons to help protect the kingdom of Alberia. The title is an action RPG where the player controls a party of up to four members to make their way through the many quests throughout the game. The controls are fairly straightforward, mostly revolving around swiping and tapping on the screen.

There are over 60 characters that can be added to the team, and they all have a specific set of characteristics that makes them more viable to fight in certain scenarios. Characters can have different weapons and elements, which changes the play style and the effectiveness of their attacks. In addition to these characters, players can also meet dragons who will lend them their strength, allowing the player to shapeshift once a certain amount of crystals have been collected.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the game is the ability to play the title with other human players. Multiplayer mode is available for every quest inside the game, so it's possible to play through the entire game with friends.

If you're interested in the title, you can watch the full presentation here, where Nintendo dives deeper into all the details and mechanics that are part of the game. Dragalia Lost launches in the U.S., Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau on September 27, and it will be available for Android and iOS devices alike. The title is free to start, meaning there are optional in-game purchases available. It's currently unclear when will other markets be able to play the game.

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