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Dropbox quietly launches an invite-only password manager app for Android

Cloud storage service Dropbox has quietly launched a private beta of its password manager app on the Google Play Store. The app dubbed, Dropbox Passwords, is a password manager that is currently in an invite-only private beta for existing Dropbox customers.

From the screenshots, the app looks similar to any other popular password manager like LastPass or 1Password, though with a minimalistic approach. It will securely store all your passwords and sync them across all your devices. It also has "zero-knowledge encryption" which basically means that only the user has access to their passwords. This feature is also found in other password managers so it is not exactly new. The app also seems to support the autofill feature in Android meaning you can enter your login credentials in an app or website in just one click.

Dropbox Passwords can be downloaded from the Play Store but it is in private beta and you cannot use it if you have not received the invite. For a password manager to be successful, it is important that it is available across all major platforms. So, it is likely that Dropbox is also working on an iOS app and a browser extension of its password manager service.

Dropbox is yet to make a formal announcement about its password manager app for now. It is interesting to see the company jump into the crowded password manager game as there are plenty of other great password managers out there like LastPass, 1Password, BitWarden, and more.

Source: AndroidPolice

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